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It is deeply disgraceful what WSU has done to Renata Moon. Noone I know of trusts medical professionals that are currently going to Washington State University and University of Washington due to their participation in medical coercion versus informed consent for patient's and due to the unnecessary punishment of quality medical professionals that actually care about being careful in adopting safe medical treatments and protocols for the public.

Prospective students should protect the rights of medical professionals to exercise their own medical freedom and ability to choose what medical interventions are safe for their selves and also do not destroy the lives of medical professionals who exercise medical ethics, careful adoption of experimental technology, provide legitimately solid informed consent to their patient's and provide caution or warning against medical technologies and treatments that are not yet proven safe or are in fact show to be unsafe or entirely lacking in efficacy (unnecessary as they do not work).

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There are so many quality educational institutions in the United States that there is no real legitimate need for prosepctive or current healthcare workers to attend University of Washington or Washington State University.

I know of so many healthcare workers that attended both schools that refuse to ever return.

The majority of healthcare workers I know of discourage everyone in the many communities they interact with from attending University of Washington, Washington State University and any other university anywhere in the United States that does not allow medical exemptions or religious exemptions for healthcare workers and whom has a history of attempting to or actually taking away medical licenses from doctors, nurses or any other medical professionnal, by turning them in to particularly unethical bureaucratic medical commissions that have clearly been weaponized by pharmaceutical lobbies, for those healthcare providers providing very careful and informed medical care or questioning if past or current pharmaceutical treatments are safe, especially long-term (for which concern seems to have been lobbied out of medical care) and discussing alternative medical treatments with proven medical efficacy and safety.

Healthcare workers should have just as strong of rights as the general public on what they are allowed to choose for their medical care and their rights are frequently ommitted when it comes to even Healthcare Freedom Rights bills developed for physical autonomy rights, religious rights and employer and educational vaccine requirements due to 'working with fragile populations' however, all of the other protective barriers and actions that healthcare workers use to protect patients is for majority of instances enough (hand washing, sanitization, high quality PPE with respirators and a wide assortment of effective masks for respiratory and droplet conditions, sterile and clean techniques, calling out for brief illness period etc) - all of these tools will always be at the healthcare workers disposal and are very effective (the claim that this is not the case is a pharmaceutical lobbyist narrative to drive sales of pharmaceuticals).

In any instance where a medical treatment is absolutely necessary it still should never be an allowance to push ineffective, unsafe or inadequately tested (or never tested long-term) medical treatments nor is it acceptable to force healthcare workers to take them under such circumstances.

It is a deep violation of the right to bodily autonomy and personal interpretation of scripture for those that are religious that a large part of the population (medical professionals) to be forced into medical treatments that could be and are often proven unnecessary due to their lack of efficacy and/or are dangerous to personal health due to lack of safety and being released before effective long-term studies are done, as is the case with so many new medications and medical treatments.

Any time I've spoken to healthcare workers in my community they feel that anyone going to University of Washington or Washington State University is throwing their rights to bodily autonomy, religious practice away and is opening themselves up to having their license taken away over petty attacks by the WMC that are clearly and directly punishing ethics-based lack of support for inadequately tested or proven unsafe pharmaceutical treatments and protocols.

If you choose to put yourselves in environments that are neurotic about allegiance to these unsafe and hostile requirements you either have to start providing innaccurate and unsafe medical care and shut up or risk your license being taken.

Most people I know will go out of their way to deal with the inconveniences of relocating temporarily and applying to educational institutions in other states or receiving a high quality degree through an online course before wasting so much money at University of Washington or Washington State University and risking their license or being forced to adhere to information that they've done plenty enough research to know is not often legitimately evidenced based and is shockingly dishonest and unsafe.

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